[Pkg-crosswire-devel] [Merge] lp:~bdrung/xiphos/lintian-clean into lp:~pkgcrosswire/xiphos/main

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 11:01:53 BST 2009

2009/9/12 Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden at fastmail.fm>:
> Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
>>> Do you know if it is common to have such large patches just to overcome
>>> lintian warnings like this?
>> As far as I know if you modify configure.ac, makefile.am and etc you
>> should run all autofoo and use it as a patch cause then you will have
>> the same configure + Makefile.in's on all architectures.
> You'll potentially have different one on each build, depending on what
> version of autotools they have... I think?
>> There is high chance that each architecture and each release has
>> different autotools and by applying patch is the only option to make
>> reproducible builds.
> Maybe, *if* you are already patching configure.ac, and build depending
> on autoconf and friends, and regenerating all thpse files at build time.
> But that "if" is significant.  Does xiphos currently do that?  If it
> does, then a huge patch for files that will be autogenerated at build
> time is, of course, unnecessary :)
> However... I'm a bit confused here... if xiphos does that already, why
> is Benjamin seeing rpath warnings?

Well I haven't been seeing rpath warnings and no I'm not patching
autootools in xiphos. My guess is that I'm on i386 and probably he is
using AMD64 ;-)

> Jonathan (sending to just pkg-crosswire-devel and cc Benjamin)

(Makes sence to me)

With best regards

Dmitrijs Ledkovs (for short Dima),
Ледков Дмитрий Юрьевич

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