[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Questions

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Thu Dec 2 19:15:29 GMT 2010


On 12/2/2010 2:40 AM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

> 1) Does current bibletime builds against Karmic? Build fails in
> developer-testing ppa.

I have not tested that.  If there is an issue, it is almost certainly
with the webkit / libqt4 dependency stuff, library package names and
what is in which package seems to have changed significantly recently.
Karmic is more than a year old... just 4 1/2 months of support left for
it.  Spending support resources on it for updated BT versions seems low
priority to me.  BibleTime 2.8.0 builds fine on Lucid, Maverick and
Natty.  People on Karmic really needing BT 2.8.0 should probably
consider upgrading to at least Lucid.

Please, can we first get SWORD 1.6.2 packaged and into Debian
experimental -- this is surely a much higher priority than BibleTime
2.8.0 for Karmic :)

> 2) What is sword-language-packs package?

No idea.  It's old.  Very old.

> 3) Are we downgrading sword-frontend from recommends to suggests in
> libsword9?

9?  There's now a need for a SWORD ABI numbering bump to 9?  Why?  What
part of the SWORD 1.6.2 ABI is incompatible with the SWORD 1.6.1 ABI?
When was this discussed?  Did I miss it?  Let's not do a SONAME bump
unless there is a real need for one.

> 4) Do we need to update sword texts?

Do those packages install OK?  If they do, do they show up in recent
BibleTime/Xiphos installations?  You should be aware that packaging
SWORD modules is a politically sensitive topic, some people on
sword-devel seemed to be *extremely* against the idea in the past.  I
have created an (ugly) shell script to automatically package SWORD
modules in the past... are you sure you really want to stir up that
hornets nest again??

> 5) The downsides of using recipes to build package

> - it currently builds recipes from branches as Dpkg source format 1.0
> native only and hense generates tarballs for each upload instead of
> using released tarball or snapshot tarball.

Then don't use recipes :)  These are slowly-changing projects with small
teams of developers.  It's not as though SWORD, Xiphos or BibleTime have
huge teams of coders making radical changes every day.  So daily builds
are not really that helpful to us anyway.


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