[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Bibledit-Xiphos and Bibledit-Bibletime

Teus Benschop teusjannette at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 11:17:49 BST 2011


Bibledit-Xiphos is glue between Bibledit and Xiphos. It retrieves the
focused reference through Bibledit-Web, and then forwards it to Xiphos.
The result is that Xiphos will show the same verse number as Bibledit

I tried to look into packaging this for Debian, but was soon put off by
the rather steep learning curve for packaging for Debian, and then
thought that it would be better for me to remain maintaining the
upstream source code, and leave the packaging to others.

May your team please consider packaging Bibledit-Xiphos for Debian?

The software is described here:


There is software similar to this. It is called Bibledit-Bibletime. It
does the same thing as Bibledit-Xiphos, but then for BibleTime.

The software is described here:


May your team please also consider at the same time to package
Bibledit-Bibletime for Debian?

The software has been available for more than a year now, and has proven
useful during Bible translation work, since the resources in Xiphos and
BibleTime display parallel with the passage where the Bible translator
works. The software saves time by automatically synchronizing the
sources with the places where editing is being done.

While the software is now available in source form, and can be
installed, if it were packaged for Debian, then it would be much easier
for the user to install the software.

Once in Debian it would also make its way into Ubuntu eventually. Many
Bible translators use this distribution. Thus the software would then
become available to many people.

The software works like this:
- It connects to a running instance of Bibledit-Web.
- Bibledit-Gtk sends its focused reference to Bibledit-Web.
- Bibledit-Xiphos and Bibledit-Bibletime retrieve the focused reference
from Bibledit-Web.
- Bibledit-Xiphos sends it to Xiphos through dbus.
- Bibledit-Bibletime sends it to Bibletime through dbus

Teus Benschop

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