[pkg-crosswire-devel] Access to pkg-crosswire-team/bibledit

Teus Benschop teusjannette at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 08:34:05 BST 2019

Hi Roberto and Geert,

> It looks like your new Debian Developer account has developer permissions
in the project.[...]

Yes, the permissions look okay in the account at Salsa.

I did have to delete the old "Teus-guest" account, in order to be able to
upload my public SSH key to the "teusbenschop" account, because Salsa does
not allow dentical public keys for two accounts.

> Back to "I can no longer push Bibledit git repository"
> What is the error message?

The error message is:

$ git push
> GitLab: You are not allowed to upload code for this project.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository

> Who tries to push? teusbenschop  or teus-guest?

I have tried to look up how to find the identity that is used for pushing,
but have not found information about how to find the identity that git uses
to push.

> Is it a push over HTTPS or over SSH? ( What is git push URL? )

url = git at salsa.debian.org:pkg-crosswire-team/bibledit.git

Thanks for the help,


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