[pkg-crosswire-devel] Bug#970471: Bug#970471: Possible ways to resolve

Bastian Germann bastiangermann at fishpost.de
Sun Sep 20 18:57:59 BST 2020

Am 20.09.20 um 12:35 schrieb Teus Benschop:
> The error message in this bug report is an unusual one.
> I managed to find one other similar report on Google, which was in Chinese.
> Possible solutions I could think of are these two.
> 1. If the error is temporary, to upload a new package that would trigger a
> rebuild.
> 2. To ask the FTP Masters to remove the previously build for this
> architecture, so the remaining architectures can move to testing.
Upstream provided a patch that I applied on salsa. Would someone please
upload the new version?

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