[pkg-crosswire-devel] Bug#1010925: New upload Bibledit client

Teus Benschop teusjannette at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 14:28:08 BST 2022

Hi Bastian,

A new upload was done to Debian. It aims to address all of the issues you
have raised in the bug report.

Here's a couple of comments related to that.

> In git, I have fixed the suspected source URL that is now available in
the right version.

Thank you for fixing the source URL, everything looks right with the
updated URL.

> The mbedtls repack can now be done automatically on importing the source.

Yes, it did that well.

Unfortunately upstream had provided an incorrect tarball at

This has now been fixed, the correct tarball is now on the above URL.

This correct tarball is intended to be a tarball
that satisfies the Debian policy.
The updated tarball no longer needs to be repacked.
It's intended to be correct already as it is.
So I updated the d/copyright file to reflect this.

> There are some files that are deleted unnecessarily:
> stamp-h1, fonts/SILEOTF.ttf, and several COPYING and LICENSE files.
> They can be excluded from installation but shoud still be kept in the
source imho.

The upstream tarball does not have this font because it's already in the
package fonts-sil-ezra.

If I remember well the upstream tarball removed the copying and license
because there were warnings about this from lintian.
But it's long back that these were removed and I cannot remember full
details now.
If it's interesting one may try adding those back and see what lintian says
about it.
If there's still something to be included in the upstream tarball,
please opan an issue upstream at https://github.com/bibledit/cloud/issues.
This issue would contain the details about what to add and why.

> Also, there are differences in pkgdata/files.txt, the Makefiles, and
configure scripts
> that are not documented in debian/README.source.
> Please add documentation on how to reproduce these changes.
> Preferably as patches or a script that can be run on importing the source.

I agree such differences should not be there.
The new upstream tarball is intended to fix all of this,
so there's no differences left anymore.

So thanks for the hints and improvements.

Teus Benschop

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