Bug#350615: [Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#350615: Add support for encrypted ssl-keys

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Thu Feb 2 18:50:21 UTC 2006

On 02/02/2006 gebi at sbox.tugraz.at wrote:
> >i believe that the patch is rather ugly. it depends on openssl, and
> >therefore on a mounted /usr filesystem. what to do when /usr is an
> >encrypted filesystem?
> Yes, not really integrateable for generic usage.

i've tagged this patch as wontfix.

> Imho should not be integrated, BUT (@General Stone)
> could you please take your code to the dm-crypt wiki?

that would be great.

> @jonas: we should make a link from our doku to the dm-crypt wiki (if
> we not allreday have one ;).

the wiki is mentioned in README.html

but maybe it would be good to create a README.Debian with debian-related
documentation, and an overview about other available documentation.

> ps.: sorry for the direct mailling

hehe, i already forwarded the mail to the bts, as i didn't see this


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