[Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] asciidoc

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Fri Feb 3 13:37:26 UTC 2006

On 03/02/2006 gebi at sbox.tugraz.at wrote:
> I'v just converted the old crypttab.sgml to asciidoc to produce a manpage.

great ;-) can you upload it to svn?

and what about the upstream cryptsetup.8 manpage? maybe we can convince
clemens to provide an asciidoc file in upstream sources for this
manpage too.
also, did he already fix the dashes/hyphens in the manpage? current
manpage (from 1.0.1) has "-" without a \ in front of it. this is a bug.
all dashes/hyphens in manpages should be written "\-", just like we do
it in our debian version of cryptsetup.8 (see debian/cryptsetup.8).

> What about an additional html version of the manpage?

i don't think that we need it, do we?


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