[Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] losetup and dmsetup in cryptdisks

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Thu Feb 9 16:44:13 UTC 2006

On 09/02/2006 gebi at sbox.tugraz.at wrote:
> >i've just re-read the whole cryptdisks script, and i wonder what the
> >'set up loopback devices' part is for.
> # Set up loopback devices
> if test -f "$src" ; then
> ...
> fi
> For all src "devices" which are ordinary files (filesystem images) we  
> have to use losetup first, because cryptsetup don't get it right.

ah, now i get the point. it does the losetup only for ordinary files
(test -f), not for device files. thanks for the hint.

> >the same is about the 'dmsetup mknodes' at the beginning of the script.
> >what does this do? unfortunately the mknodes command is not documented
> >in the dmsetup manpage. is it important, do we need it, etc.?
> this command creates /dev/mapper/ and /dev/mapper/control.

ok, so it is necessary. modprobe dm-mod does not do that? why does lvm2
only suggest dmsetup, and why does /etc/init.d/lvm not execute 'dmsetup
mknodes'? does lvm work without /dev/mapper?

> >and last but not least, i still wonder if we need the 'hack' script in
> >the debian subdir. i've never seen it in action, and i cannot imagine
> >that it has any other functionality than being a test script for
> >whatever wesley intended to develop.
> don't know exactly what the hack it is for ;).

i suggest to remove it from sources.

> >last but not least, i've updated and renamed checksystem_doc, and i
> >intend to start implementing the proposed checksystem soon. but i'dd
> >like to do some general script cleanup before that.
> ok
> we should breake this monster into small nice functions.

that's exactly what i meant.


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