[Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#411784: ext2 fs identified as mimix fs

arno arenevier at fdn.fr
Sun Sep 9 10:50:11 UTC 2007

Le Sunday 09 September 2007, à 12:03:31PM +0200, arno a écrit : 
> Hi,
> I have the same problem; not on my swap partition, but on my home partition 
> (ext3).
> Everything worked fine until yesterday, but today, my computer did not start, 
> because of that error. 
> At the moment, I have commented the precheck part in do_noluks function in 
> /lib/cryptsetup/cryptdisks.functions (and therefore, I can start my computer).
> output of /lib/udev/vol_id is:
> /lib/cryptsetup/checks/un_vol_id /dev/hda4          
>  - The device /dev/hda4 contains a valid filesystem type minix.

I used my computer a little, and then rebooted. Now, everything works fine again.
/lib/udev/vol_id /dev/hda4
/dev/hda4: unknown volume type

Meantime, I compiled vol_id and set some printf
I discovered volume_id_probe_minix (in extras/volume_id/lib/minix.c) returned 0:

if (ms->s_magic == MINIX_SUPER_MAGIC2 ||
    ms->s_magic == bswap_16(MINIX_SUPER_MAGIC2))

evaluates to true

That's all the informations I could gather.

Is it possible, as crypted partitions are random, that they sometimes look like 
valid partitions, and therefore /lib/cryptsetup/checks/un_vol_id reports 
erroneous result ?

But why do random data look more like minix than any other filesystem ?


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