[Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#382375: help needed with cryptsetup bug #382375 - passphrase prompt gets drowned during initramfs

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Wed Feb 6 19:14:46 UTC 2008

Dear Debian Kernel Team ;-)

I discussed bug #382375 with Frans Pop and Maximilian Attems on
#debian-boot today, and we didn't really find a consens.

The bug basicly claims that the passphrase prompt of cryptsetup gets
drowned by kernel messages. Several solutions have been suggested, like
using the "quiet" boot option, changing to another vt (via fgconsole)
for the passphrase prompt, or to wait until graphical bootprocess makes
the bug obsolete.

My position still is that the bug is rather unrelated to cryptsetup, as
theoretically other packages could require an input prompt at initramfs
stage too, and thus this bug needs to be fixed on a more general level.
Therefore, I consider all suggested fixes rather as workarounds.

I'm interested in your opinions, as I simply don't know how to go on
with this bugreport.


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