[Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#465763: Bug#465763: Bug#465763: cryptsetup: can't boot from USB device

Piotr Roszatycki dexter at debian.org
Fri Feb 15 13:03:03 UTC 2008

2008/2/15, Jonas Meurer <jonas at freesources.org>:
>  > The rootdelay parameter wait only for root device, not for source
>  > device for encrypted volume.
>  So you're not talking about booting from an encrypted usb volume, but rather
>  about starting/mounting an encrypted usb volume during boot process?
>  I have to admit that I suffer from the same issue, my external firewire
>  device is not available early enough in boot process to be found by
>  cryptsetup.
>  But for me, this happens only with the latest linux-2.6.24-4 kernel
>  (selfcompiled). With earlier kernels (even linux-2.6.24-1), same .config
>  I'm unable to reproduce that.
>  Can you verify that the bug happens only with latest 2.6.24-4 kernel?

I'm talking exactly about booting from an encrypted usb volume. This
is implemented as following scenario:

1. cryptsetup luksOpen $cryptsource $root
2. sleep $rootdelay
3. mount $root

But it doesn't work for USB devices, because cryptsetup is called too
early. In such case there is missing following step:

0. sleep $cryptsourcedelay

and my patch implements such step. Without this additional delay there
is no possibility to boot from USB device. The kernel version is no

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