[pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#563162: ownership problems give bogus error message

Ulrich Eckhardt doomster at knuut.de
Thu Dec 31 13:40:06 UTC 2009

Package: cryptsetup
Version: 2:1.1.0~rc2-1

I tried activating an encrypted partition as "normal" user, and it gave
me this:

> uli at fruitbox:~$ cryptdisks_start hda5
> Starting crypto disk...hda5 (skipped, device /dev/hda5 does not exist)...failed.
> uli at fruitbox:~$ ls /dev/hda
> hda   hda1  hda2  hda3  hda4  hda5  

As you see, the partition exists:

> uli at fruitbox:~$ cat /etc/crypttab 
> # <target name> <source device>         <key file>      <options>
> hda5            /dev/hda5               none            luks,noauto

And it works as root:

> root at fruitbox:/home/uli# cryptdisks_start hda5
> Starting crypto disk...hda5 (starting)...
> Unlocking the disk /dev/hda5 (hda5)
> Enter passphrase: 
> Key slot 0 unlocked.
> hda5 (started)...done.

I guess the code is simply assuming ENOENT when open fails, but it
should also handle EACCESS and similar errors.



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