[pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#639832: cryptsetup: initramfs hooks vs aesni-intel

Simon Mackinlay smackinlay at mail.com
Wed Aug 31 09:47:10 UTC 2011

Rebuilding the kernel with CRYPTO_AES_NI_INTEL=y (and for that matter CRYPTO_PCRYPT=y) produces the expected result (ie, hw-encryption) - even in the...

FS (say, ext4) stacked on LV stacked on VG stacked on PV stacked on dm-crypt blockdev stacked on partition

... case (which, now that I have a "working" setup, I've since switched back to using).

So perhaps the right thing to do is to provide a _very_ early hook to modprobe arch-specific crypto modules (at least, until the crypto folk implement some kind of runtime patching) ?

I see that...


... already contains...

activate_evms(): for module in ... ; do modprobe -q $module; done

... as well as later on...

setup_mapping(): modprobe -q dm_crypt

... so we're already dealing with the readily identifiable/ predictable topologies, and their dependancies.

Perhaps we could grow a configurable* (in /etc/default or /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/ or elsewhere) which would let us shoot ourselves in the foot with happy abandon?

Please let me know if such a beast already exists - it's completely possible I'm just too dense to see where.

* nb: I just don't see much point in adding auto-detect logic for these cases myself (it'll just add to the maintenance burden and create failure modes where we need it least - this is the rootfs and swap we're talking about here).

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