[pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug #558405 Status

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Wed Mar 9 20:20:05 UTC 2011

Hey Rodolfo,

On 09/03/2011 Rodolfo kix Garcia wrote:
> what's the status of the bug 558405 (cryptsetup: the luksformat script is
> not translatable)? Is somebody working on it? I will try to help.
> What's files should be translateable?
> 1. I will create an script to detect the translateable strings in that
> files.
> 2. Modify the files.
> 3. Change the package dependences to build with gettext
> something more? Ideas? Helps?

It seems like we've bad luck with coordination. I just fixed this bug in
the svn repository trunk, see svn commit #857.

below is a list of bugs that are still open, with comments in brackets:

#546610 - cryptsetup: initrd boots from root partition when created, ignores root= cmdline option
          [needs time for reproducing and debugging, patch needs to be checked]
#588749 - conflict with multipath-tools
          [might already be fixed - unable to reproduce]
#509068 - cryptsetup: improve passdev, that it also works when the device is already mounted
          [should be easy to do with some c knowledge]
#515294 - cryptsetup: Configurable passphrase prompt
          [not sure how to properly implement this -> needs discussion with initramfs maintainer]
#537842 - Accessibility (beep) support in cryptdisks/cryptroot
          [not sure about the best implementation, needs discussion]
#597583 - initramfs-tools
          [initramfs implementation not clear, needs some changes]
#601314 - please allow adding extra devices to conf.d/cryptsetup in your hook script
          [maybe invalid request, need to rethink about it]
#438481 - cryptsetup: doesn't fallback on password when using opensc/openct
          [needs proper implementation for fallback in cryptdisks and initramfs]
#509070 - cryptsetup: readd timeout support
          [not sure about that one, needs discussion]

If you're willed to work on a bug, I would suggest you pick one of
#546610 and #509068, or in case that you're interested in the more
complex ones, make an implementation proposal for one of #515294,
#537842, #597583, #438481 and #509070.

Please tell me what you plan to do, so I don't start work on the same
bugreport. Thanks a lot for your offer to help.

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