[pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#626458: cryptsetup: native loop support for earlier kernels

Mario 'BitKoenig' Holbe Mario.Holbe at TU-Ilmenau.DE
Thu May 12 06:38:51 UTC 2011

Package: cryptsetup                      
Version: 2:1.3.0-1
Severity: minor


cryptsetup starting with 1.3.0 natively supports loop device creation
for kernel 2.6.25 and above.
The Debian package honours this but only for kernel 2.6.35 and above.
This version border can be lowered to 2.6.25 - the cryptsetup changelog
is correct, David's patch went in 2.6.25:
	commit 96c5865559cee0f9cbc5173f3c949f6ce3525581
		Allow auto-destruction of loop devices

Unfortunately, the chip vendors have delayed the availability of the
long-promised crystal-ball peripherals yet again, forcing the governor
code to rely on heuristics; once again, software must make up for
deficiencies in the hardware.                  -- Jonathan Corbet, LWN
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