[pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#664463: Similar problem

Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Fri Aug 17 14:46:58 UTC 2012

I also ran into this and found that Petr's proposed patch to update the regex in the cryptroot hook script in initramfs-tools helped, but didn't completely solve the problem in my case.

When I ran update-initramfs to build a new initrd and run the hook script again after patching the hook script, it was able to progress further than it did before, but I got the following warning and get_device_opts() returned early:

cryptsetup: WARNING: invalid line in /etc/crypttab -

It turns out that the target argument passed to get_device_opts() was "crypt", and this function tried to look for a matching target in /etc/crypttab; however, there was none. The target name in my /etc/crypttab was "sda5_crypt" instead of "crypt". I updated /etc/crypttab so that the target name was "crypt" and reran update-initramfs and verified that the newly generated image contained a valid cryptroot file in /conf/conf.d.

The "sda5_crypt" target name was generated by the Debian "Squeeze" installer (I was doing a dist-upgrade), which also wrote out my /etc/crypttab file, My guess is that the target name is built differently for some reason. I didn't bother digging deeply enough to determine whether this was due to a bug (i.e., the script was supposed to generate a target name that matched the one that would have been generated by the installer) or whether this was due to a change in policy (e.g., the Squeeze installer set up a different target name in /etc/crypttab than the Wheezy installer would have).

Anyway, I am only speculating on the possible reasons why the hook script might have been looking for the wrong target name. I haven't bothered to look into it in more detail since my setup is working now, but I hope this information might be useful to others whose configurations might be affected, or for those who are investigating a resolution to this issue.
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