[pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#652497: Bug#652497: cryptdisks: danger in swap

C. Meissa carsten.meissa at gmx.de
Sun Mar 11 18:26:00 UTC 2012


Jonas Meurer schrieb am 10.03.2012 01:47:18:
> I prepared packages with the fix. It would be great if you could give
> them a try an report back. You can find the packages here:
> http://people.debian.org/~mejo/debian/mejo-unstable/

Worked as expected: Any ext2-fs found at (see above setup) 
/dev/sdb1 fails with:

Sun Mar 11 19:19:31 2012: Starting early crypto disks...swap_crypt (starting)...
Sun Mar 11 19:19:31 2012: swap_crypt: the precheck for '/dev/sdb1' failed: - The device /dev/sdb1 contains a filesystem type ext2. ...

Thank You,

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