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		-We've Iimited your account access. Reference #PP-003-615-182-879 		

		Your account has been Iimited. 	As you we've been informed previously, there will be changes to our Buyer Protection program . This is part of our security process and helps ensure that PayPal continue to be safer way to buy online. While your account is Limited, some options in your account won't be available. 

Why my account access is Iimited. 
We noticed some unusual log in activity with your account. Please confirm your account to help us check that no one has logged into your account without your permission. 

How to remove my limitation. 
You can resolve your limitation by following these simple steps: 
1. Log in Here 
2. Provide the information assosiated with your account. 
3. Submit your information as soon as possible, so we can solve it quickly. 

						Remove Limitation 	


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