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Hi wujiwu -

AppleOne helped 澳门金沙集团 ——公平公正最具公信力的线上娱乐(AD) shouyongzan find rewarding work, and 澳门金沙集团 ——公平公正最具公信力的线上娱乐(AD) thought you may be interested in learning more about AppleOne's career services. 

澳门金沙集团 ——公平公正最具公信力的线上娱乐(AD) wanted to share the following message with you:

About AppleOne

What if you knew how employers viewed your resume so you had the best shot at getting an interview? What if you went into the interview with confidence knowing in advance what you were likely to be asked and how best to answer? What if you could have someone negotiate your salary for you? And, what if you had somebody in your corner to give you advice and hope when you needed it? This isn't a fantasy. For over half a million people this is what it's like working with AppleOne. Since 1964, we have connected the best people, their talents, skills, and aspirations with the best companies. Let us help you achieve your career goals.


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AppleOne is Hiring Made Human

Check out our career resources on LinkedIn <http://em.appleone.com/kT0k60f000m03MqBn00gj0Y>, Facebook <http://em.appleone.com/G0M0Y030nljhT0q60000mfB> and Twitter <http://em.appleone.com/tqYm3B00Tn06m00fMj0000i>

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