[pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#929922: Broken links to documentation in warning and READMEs

Guilhem Moulin guilhem at debian.org
Mon Jun 3 12:30:51 BST 2019

Control: reassign 904916 -1 cryptsetup
Control: forcemerge 904916 -1

Hi Peter,

I guess #904916 would be #0 so I'm (force)merging with that bug.  We'll
need to chase which files dh_installdocs(1) installs compressed but
appear without ‘.gz’ suffix in user messages and/or documentation.

dh_compress(1) claims it compresses all changelog files plus all files
larger than 4kiB, and since AFAICT we don't have anything in debian/*
that is right at the limit I suppose we could hardcode suffixes.

On Mon, 03 Jun 2019 at 09:00:54 +0000, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> Also, that file then points to /usr/share/doc/cryptsetup/README.Debian
> which also does not exist.  It should probably be
> /usr/share/doc/cryptsetup-run/README.Debian.gz.

We'll rename ‘cryptsetup-run’ to ‘cryptsetup’ (the former will become a
transitional dummy package for the latter) once Buster is released, so
that will become /usr/share/doc/cryptsetup/README.Debian.gz :-)

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