[pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#933059: Bug#933059: Debian Buster with encrypted root on degraded raid1 (md-raid)

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Fri Nov 27 13:52:56 GMT 2020


just a data point: I ran into this issue three times in the last months 
and everytime the setup was a degraded software RAID-1 array with two 
active disks and LVM on top of LUKS on top of MD RAID-1.

Now I (accidently) rebooted a server with the very same setup and a 
degraded RAID-1 setup, and didn't run into the issue. The one major 
difference was that the degraded RAID-1 array is setup with *three* 
active disks - so even after one went off, *two* active disks were 
remaining. Even though mdadm reports the array as degraded, the server 
still booted.

Just wanted to share this as a data point for whoever (maybe myself) 
further debugs this issue ;)

Kind regards

Am 26.07.19 um 11:44 schrieb Magnus Sandberg:
> Package: cryptsetup-initramfs
> Version: 2:2.1.0-5
> First for the cryptsetup developers. A comment for mdadm developers, see below.
> I'm setting up a new Debian Buster computer with LVM ontop of LUKS ontop of MD
> raid1 with UEFI and GPT.
> It was some manual disk setup to get even /boot/efi on raid (with metadata
> 1.0), etc. The short version is: md0 as /boot/efi, md1 as /boot and md2 holds
> a LUKS container. Inside the LUKS container I use LVM to have all my other
> parititions including swap and root (/), /home, etc.
> Everything works as expected until I disconnect one of the disks to verify
> that the system works even in degraded mode. Without the patch below I had to
> wait for the initramfs timeout and while in busybox I cound do "mdadm --run
> md0", etc followed by exit and then enter the passphrase for the LUKS
> container.

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