[pkg-curry-maintainers] Bug#880797: pakcs FTBFS on 64bit: Differences in regression test occurred

Adrian Bunk bunk at debian.org
Sat Nov 4 20:29:32 UTC 2017

Source: pakcs
Version: 1.14.4-1
Severity: serious


cd Examples && ./test.sh -v
CurryCheck: a tool for testing Curry programs (version of 06/02/2017)
Analyzing module 'testData2Xml'...
Properties to be tested:
testGenerateXMLConversions testXMLDataConversion testCleanup
Generating main test module 'TEST5519'...and compiling it...
Executing all tests...
You can now import PreludeDataToXml
You also need to generate the module PreludeDataToXml
You can now import FlatCurry_TypesDataToXml
testGenerateXMLConversions (module testData2Xml, line 12): OK
testXMLDataConversion (module testData2Xml, line 16): OK
testCleanup (module testData2Xml, line 22): OK
make[4]: Leaving directory '/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/currytools/xmldata'
make[3]: Leaving directory '/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/currytools'
cd examples/CHR && ./test.sh -v
WARNING: residual CHR constraints: Fib.fib(19,6765) Fib.fib(17,2584) Fib.fib(15,987) Fib.fib(13,377) Fib.fib(11,144) Fib.fib(9,55) Fib.fib(7,21) Fib.fib(5,8) Fib.fib(3,3) Fib.fib(2,2) Fib.fib(4,5) Fib.fib(6,13) Fib.fib(8,34) Fib.fib(10,89) Fib.fib(12,233) Fib.fib(14,610) Fib.fib(16,1597) Fib.fib(18,4181) Fib.fib(20,10946)
WARNING: residual CHR constraints: UnionFind.~>(3,5) UnionFind.~>(4,3) UnionFind.~>(2,1) UnionFind.root(5) UnionFind.root(1)
Loading program "Leq"...
main10 x
{x=1} []
main11 x y z
{x=x, y=x, z=x} []
main12 x y z z'
{x=x, y=y, z=z, z'=z'} [Leq z z',Leq x y]
Loading program "Bool"...
main20 x y z
{x=True, y=True, z=True} []
main21 a b s c
{a=True, b=True, s=False, c=True} []
main22 a b s c
{a=a, b=b, s=s, c=False} [And a b False,Or a b s]
Loading program "GCD"...
runGCD $ ((gcd 16) /\ (gcd 28))
[GCD 4]
runGCD $ ((gcd 206) /\ (gcd 40))
[GCD 2]
compileCHR "GCDCHR" [gcda,gcd2]
Curry interface to CHR(Prolog) written to GCDCHR.curry
Loading program "GCDCHR"...
solveCHR $ ((gcdanswer x) /\ ((gcd 206) /\ (gcd 40)))
{x=2} True
Loading program "Fib"...
(runCHR [dup,fib1,fibn,addrule]) $ ((fib 7) x)
{x=21} [Fib 7 21,Fib 4 5,Fib 2 2,Fib 3 3,Fib 5 8,Fib 6 13]
compileCHR "FIBCHR" [fibo1,fibo2,fibo3,addrule]
Curry interface to CHR(Prolog) written to FIBCHR.curry
Loading program "FIBCHR"...
solveCHR $ (fib 20 x)
{x=10946} True
Loading program "FD"...
main50 x y
{x=1, y=1} []
main51 x
{x=3} []
main52 [x,y,z]
{x=2, y=2, z=2} []
main53 xs
{xs=[2,3,1]} []
{xs=[3,2,1]} []
{xs=[1,3,2]} []
{xs=[3,1,2]} []
{xs=[1,2,3]} []
{xs=[2,1,3]} []
main55 xs
{xs=[4,3,2,1]} []
{xs=[2,3,4,1]} []
{xs=[4,3,1,2]} []
{xs=[1,3,4,2]} []
{xs=[2,3,1,4]} []
{xs=[1,3,2,4]} []
Loading program "UnionFind"...
[Root 1,Arrow 2 1,Root 4,Root 3]
main61 x
{x=1} [Root 4,Root 3,Arrow 2 1,Root 1]
main62 x y
{x=1, y=3} [Root 4,Arrow 2 1,Arrow 1 3,Root 3]
[Root 5,Arrow 3 5,Arrow 4 3,Root 1,Arrow 2 1]
main64 x y
{x=1, y=5} [Root 1,Arrow 2 1,Arrow 4 3,Arrow 3 5,Root 5]
main65 x y
{x='a', y='e'} [Root 'a',Arrow 'b' 'a',Arrow 'd' 'c',Arrow 'c' 'e',Root 'e']
compileCHR "UFCHR" [makeI,unionI,findNode,findRoot,linkEq,linkTo]
Curry interface to CHR(Prolog) written to UFCHR.curry
Loading program "UFCHR"...
solveCHR $ (andCHR [make 1,make 2,make 3,make 4,make 5,union 1 2,union 3 4,union 5 3,find 2 x,find 4 y])
{x=1, y=5} True
Loading program "Primes"...
runPrime $ (prime 20)
[Prime 2,Prime 19,Prime 17,Prime 3,Prime 13,Prime 11,Prime 7,Prime 5]
Loading program "Gauss"...
main80 x y
{x=2.0, y=1.0} []
main81 x y
{x=5.0, y=2.0} []
main82 x y
{x=2.0, y=2.0} []
main85 i
{i=0.007692307692307692} []
main86 i
{i=0.0384160756501182} []
compileCHR "GAUSSCHR" [arithrule,emptyP,constM,eliminate,bindVar]
Curry interface to CHR(Prolog) written to GAUSSCHR.curry
Loading program "GAUSSCHR"...
solveCHR $ (((3.0 :*: x) :=: 6.0) /\ (((2.0 :*: x) :+: (6.0 :*: y)) :=: 10.0))
{x=2.0, y=1.0} True

Differences in regression test occurred:
Test output saved in file 'LOGFILE'.
Makefile:281: recipe for target 'runtest' failed
make[2]: *** [runtest] Error 1

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