[Pkg-dpdk-devel] OVS cannot find DPDK

Luca Boccassi bluca at debian.org
Tue Sep 1 09:46:14 BST 2020

On Mon, 2020-08-31 at 23:57 +0200, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Dear DPDK package maintainers,
> When I build OVS, I get:
> configure: error: Could not find DPDK library in default search path,
> Use --with-dpdk to specify the DPDK library installed in non-standard
> location
> How can I fix this and resolve the FTBFS bug on OVS?
> Cheers,
> Thomas Goirand (zigo)


I assume you refer to: 

This is strange - the last src:dpdk upload was on 2020-06-20, and the
last src:openvswitch upload was on 2020-06-30, and everything built
fine, and you can see from the buildd logs that it used the current


The reporter says it's not building on buildds, but in a custom
environment on AWS, maybe something is wrong there? Or some other
build-dep changed in the meanwhile that broke the autoconf check in


Christian, any idea? Maybe the PKG_CHECK_MODULES_STATIC goes wrong for
some reason, so it falls back to try the old, deprecated -ldpdk?


Kind regards,
Luca Boccassi

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