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Sun May 13 13:41:23 UTC 2007

1. Do away with the epoch, the 1: in front of the version number. It's only
there for enlightenment because I messed up the version number on one

2. Do away with the data package.  Years ago when enlightenment had
many large themes included, I split them all out. Among other things
it saved space on user's hard drives and eliminated archive bloat--same
huge files duplicated across 11 or more archs. That lead to lots of
headaches and bug reports, so I moved the default theme back in and all
was well. Now e16 only has one small theme. The data package is not
necessary and could easily be detrimental.

3. Your menu setup is broken with respect to the "debian" menus.

There are probably other things. The package I've been using can
be found at Compare that to

> If you have any coments on those packages please reply to the list,
> and unless you express strong oposition, I'll upload them to unstable
> in a week time.

Honestly, they are far, far from polished. They appear to be rushed
and more several steps backwards than any sort of improvement. This
could be from lack of experience or a rush job. I really don't know.
And, of course I object with the state the package is in.

Niv Sardi

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