[Pkg-e-devel] eina git-svn import pushed to git.debian.org

Nikita V. Youshchenko yoush at debian.org
Sat Jan 24 17:32:43 UTC 2009

> > > > Btw, I've done git-svn imports for all e components that I built
> > > > packages for. Maye push those to git repos on alioth?
> > >
> > > Yes, please
> >
> > I guess I dont have enough permissions to do so. I'm not in pkg-e
> > group on alioth. could you make me added?
> Done

I've tried to do that with eina.

Actually in is there, you maysee it e.g. at 

And with some care, it may be checked out from there:

cd tmp
mkdir eina
cd eina
git init
git remote add origin ssh://alioth.debian.org/srv/git.debian.org/git/pkg-e/libs/eina.git
git config --add remote.origin.fetch '+refs/remotes/svn/*:refs/remotes/svn/*'
git fetch origin
  - this fetched both 'normal' branches, and 'svn' branches

Unfortunately, git-svn is not very well suited for updating from within
differet git repos.

git-svn init --trunk=trunk/eina
git config svn-remote.svn.fetch trunk/eina:refs/remotes/svn/trunk
  - this is needed to tell git-svn to prefix svn branches with svn/
git-svn fetch
  - this really fetched newer revs from svn
git push origin 'refs/remotes/svn/*:refs/remotes/svn/*'
  - this really pushed updates for svn/trunk to alioth

cd ~/openmoko/debian/eina/eina
  - went to my original repo
git fetch
  - fetched updates from alioth, including svn/trunk updates just pushed there
git-svn fetch
  - this did not work - was confused by svn/trunk branch having more ommits
     than recorded in git-svn metadata stored in this repo.
    This could be workarounded by removing .git/svn/ svn/trunk/.rev_map.*
    But this is ugly. And also I expect problems when save will be imported
     in two different git repos.

Because of that, I suggest not to use git-svn in local repos at all.
Instead, set up cron job on alioths do update svn imports there every hour
or so. And then use only git fetch to get svn/* updates into local repos.

What do you think? I may try to set up that for eina ...

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