[Pkg-e-devel] Bug#535768: closed by Albin Tonnerre <lutin at debian.org> (Bug#535768: fixed in evas

Manuel Menal mmenal at hurdfr.org
Fri May 6 07:16:15 UTC 2011

Le 5 mai 2011 à 22:31, Mark-Willem Jansen a écrit :

> Hi, 


> Me again. Just had a small chat in the IRC channel. Your patch will probably solve 
> the problem of evas on hurd. But it will break ecore/evas and ecore/e17. So it does 
> not seem to be a good option at the moment. Maybe you could post your problem 
> and patch over the mail list of enlightenment, so they can have a better look at it.

Uhm, It seems very very unlikely that it will break anything at all.

The only thing SA_SIGINFO does is change the signal handler prototype (two more arguments are passed to the handler instead of just the signal number). 

As you can see on my patch, the two signal handlers - pipe_handler() and exit_handler() - never use these two additional arguments. So removing the SA_SIGINFO flag has no consequence whatsoever.

> Oh and EFL and e17 are not yet ported to hurd.

Well, actually, they are. I've sent all the needed patches to the BTS, including this one. E17 runs on GNU/Hurd with these patches (and note that the SA_SIGINFO patch obviously does not break ecore/e17 this badly, since I had no problem using e17).

> Mark-Willem


Thanks for the answer!

Manuel Menal

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