[Pkg-e-devel] Goodday from Eyeesha M. Jane ( Australia )

Miss Eyeesha M. Jane missjane.eyeeshaa at yahoo.com.au
Sat Sep 1 09:37:30 UTC 2012

Jane & Friar Chambers
658 Queen St, Melbourne,
Victoria 3000,
Contact Phone: +6139.005.8431
E-mail : missjane.eyeesha at yahoo.com.au

PROPOSAL !!! £ 6,400,000.00 GBPS, ( Six Million four Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling Only)

Attn :

I Apologies for this unsolicited mail to you. I am aware that this is certainly an unconventional approach in starting a relationship with further communication you will realize the need for my action. I got your contact from your countries chambers of commerce / trade journals .

I am Eyeesha M. Jane of ( JANE & FRIAR CHAMBERS AUSTRALIA ) , an attorney at law, a deceased client of mine, By name Simone Underwood , who herein after shall be referred to as my Client, died as the result of The 2011 Saxony-Anhalt train collision occurred on 29 January 2011, when a freight train and a passenger train collided near Hordorf in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany on the Magdeburg–Thale line. The passenger train derailed in the collision. Ten people were killed and 43 people were injured in Germany Europe

I am Contacting you to help assist me in ensuring that the funds Deposited by my Client with her Bank is not declared unclaimed Hence my reason for contacting

you. This Bank where the fund is deposited has issued me a Notice to contact the next of kin to his deposited funds valued at £ 6,400,000.00 GBP or the account will be confiscated and taken into the Government treasury as unclaimed . My Proposition to you is to seek your consent to present you as the Next-of-kin, my effort to provide a next of kin has been difficult. Simone Underwood Grew Up in a Motherless Babies Home in New-Zealand unfortunately has not filled in Any next of kin here on my file Before her death ,According to the bank i am expected to present her next of kin, and as the beneficiary you Will have all access to make claim of the funds and i shall guide you through if you accept my proposal , we shall discuss how We can use the fund to help the needy on a based Charity programmed also other investments opportunities .

The Australian Inheritance Law clearly leaves the bonus of proof of who is or is not the next of kin, to the deceased Lawyer (ME), to prove the next of kin prior to what he wrote down with me being his Attorney. As the deceased Lawyer, the Australian Law simply states that l have the final say of who is the beneficiary of the deceased estate. This is 100% percent legal. As a legal representative / attorney, I know this.

If you are interested in this proposal and you are ready to keep this proposition in absolute confidentiality and trust, then contact me at once, and we can work out

the details.

If you are not interested please delete this email with immediate effect .

Yours Faithfully,
Eyeesha M. Jane
Contact Phone: +6139.005.8431
E-mail : missjane.eyeesha at yahoo.com.au

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