[Pkg-e-devel] Updated Debian packages for Enlightenment

Ross Vandegrift ross at kallisti.us
Tue Nov 3 20:34:28 UTC 2015

On 11/03/2015 02:09 PM, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> On 2015-11-01 Ross Vandegrift <ross at kallisti.us> wrote:
> [...]
>> The biggest issue: upstream doesn't bump soname for ABI/API changes, so
>> I've opted to rename all of the packages to reflect v1.15.  I think I
>> have all of the Breaks & Replaces correct to get a smooth upgrade.
>> This gets weird with elementary.  The previous packages patched a bumped
>> soname, and distributed as 'libelementary2'.  I've reversed that choice,
>> and instead renamed to 'libelementary1.15' with soname 1.  It seems to
>> work fine, and I think it's okay, since it's just a different package -
>> but I'm not sure if that's an acceptable change.
> [...]
> Hello Ross,
> thanks for making an effort.

Thanks for your earlier effort!

> have asked upstream about the soname? Is it their stated position that
> they not care about it?

In the past, they didn't want to bother,  I don't know if they have an
official position - I will ask.

> If you need to change the soname just for Debian you should use a
> soname that is not in upstream's namespace.

Ah, that makes sense - I see a few examples with an upstream and a local
part, like libmyguiengine3debian1.  I'll add a change like that to my
todo list.


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