[Pkg-e-devel] Updated Debian packages for Enlightenment

Johannes Schauer josch at debian.org
Thu Nov 19 21:46:56 UTC 2015

Hi Ross,

Quoting Ross Vandegrift (2015-11-01 23:27:11)
> I've made an attempt at updating the Enlightenment & EFL packages for
> Debian.  I'm sure it's not perfect, any feedback would be great!
> The work is in the debian/sid branch of the following trees:
> [...]
> https://github.com/rvandegrift/e.git
> [...]
> Todo list: EFL 1.15.2, Enlightenment 0.19.12, and Jessie backports.

I see that the upstream sources in above git repository seem to contain
Enlightenment 0.19.11. At the same time, the source package as well as the
binary packages are named "e17".

So when you say that Enlightenment 0.19.12 is on your todo list, do you mean
that importing upstream version 0.19.12 is on your todo list? Or that updating
the packaging for 0.19.11 is on your todo list? Or both?

In any case, should the binary packages (and possible also the source package?)
not be renamed to be called e19? On the other hand, upstream seems to be
pumping out releases in a faster pace these days, so maybe the source package
name should just be "e"? I don't see anything in policy that prevents
one-letter source package names. On the other hand there doesn't exist a source
package yet with only a one-letter-long name.


cheers, josch

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