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Ghazal Almasri contracts at gomselectricals.in
Thu Sep 1 09:07:41 UTC 2016


Am very so much grateful for your message, may almighty Allah grant you peaceful life without troubles and unrest. My name is Ghazal Al-masri, i am 36  years old, I am one of the Syrian under United Nations High Commission for Refugee(UNHCR) as illegal immigrants seeking for safety out of war inflicted country of Syria. Through the favor of almighty Allah i was one of the lucky Syrians who was successfully taken out of Syria through the Turkish border while so many people were killed by stray ans strange bullets at the border which made it very unsafe for more refugees to go through. I am a complete Syrian but i schooled all my life in Adelaide, Australia. My father is from Syria and my mother from Tartus governorate though i lost my mother since 12 years ago for cancer and my father some years back.

My late husband was a good Syrian and businessman and also a gold-dealer who was doing well in business. My late husband was one of the opposing candidate to president Bashar Assad and on this process he lost his life in this conflict, he was shot dead by rebels and also robbed. It was a bitter experience and i pray may almighty Allah rest his soul in peace until we meet again(Rahmat Allah Alihom). I also lost some of my siblings and i can't even locate where others ran into for safety as i consider myself to be very single.
I am on here writing you to seek for your help and assistance as i found some men who are not concentrating and interested in asking me for webcam and sex which is great Haram in the sight of almighty Allah. I am a woman who deserves respect no matter the condition i am into. I am a very affectionate person, and i guess my dream is to be happy and have a new family and also go into business for myself and i need a good man who can stand by me to maintain all what my late husband left for me.

Now i want to focus on my new life in a peaceful country where i will be safe. And this is why i am asking you to help me in planning my life again by assisting me invest $5.5m which my late husband has sold from his properties during the war in Syrian. I need your help so that i can stand on my feet again. I guess i will stop here until i hear from you again. And please on your reply, kindly tell me a little about yourself then i can explain further to you how we can proceed before we plan on how we can meet.
Yours Sincerely,
E-mail: ghazal-a at mail.com
Ghazal Almasri.

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