Question is... "do I look like Einstein, tho?"

IN WHAT RIN? hur at
Mon Apr 30 08:49:46 BST 2018

I'm just pinching you to see if you are real! If you missed it, here's a
link <>
to one of my wordy dissertations on how there's patterns in the world
around us that show the hand of God
at work doing something very interesting...

Proving that we are living in virtual reality, and even more than that,
singing about what we might use that special tid bit of knowledge to
accomplish--namely the building of Heaven "on Earth... as it is in...
virtual reality."

Do I, though, do I look like Einstein? Here's a picture of some of the
proof ... on my Kindle, where you could read quite a bit more if you had
this link <>


It's literally black and white. Or is it greyscale? No, it's definately
black and white...

HI-fiVe, these AIDS of the book of Names
... will help us ... to cure cancer
, too. It just dawned on me that there's a double entendre tucked away in
the word "infirmity"
so we can cofnirm here that today con
to the norm is "mal" just like we can see that "malad
y" is a bad thing to simulate, and a good thing to "he-al" ... don't you
think.. Hera <>

In that seires of "mal" words you can add "malchuto" which is kingdo
m in Hebrew and without doubt echoes my sentiment that it's a bad word, so
"who to" might be you, if you woke up and read how this message delivers
real democracy <>
(in the age of things like cars, telephones, and computers) to humanity and
the Universe.


If you still aren't convince
d that there's a hid
arkden <>
languag <>
e ... in every l <>
anguage on Earth ... you can
add "malarkey" <>
to the list of words connecting Al (from Quantum Leap
, and Married <>
with <>
Children <>
... my favorite sins... songs, I mean) to the Ark of the Grateful Dead (I
mean Covenant <>
) ... and that wraps up this session of "so you think you can hide the
Second Coming?" Check your SPAM folder often, there's something rotten
in Greenland... or is it Iceland that's not green? 

On your Denmark... get set.
.. France, Taylor
... dance.

visit your personal preferences page--or invite your friends to receive
"our daily bread"
and you can contact me securely here
and anonymously and publicly here

-- powered by the thundar of hathor and the lightink of johnny 8 --

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