Bug#904045: enlightenment: no background image tiling

enno enno.vet at gmx.net
Wed Aug 15 22:41:17 BST 2018

>>>>> "Ross" == Ross Vandegrift <ross at kallisti.us> writes:
    > Hmmm, I just tested with enlightenment 0.22.3-2 and this works
    > for me [...]:

Aah, well, now it woks, way there was long and not quite obvious.

Using the `Settings Panel' not on the first (left) item `Wallpaper' but the third one `Screen', there the first (top) item `Virtual Desktops', up comes a new menu displaying the `Virtual Desktop Settings' in _pictures_, there I can click on each VD in turn and up comes a new menu `Desk Settings', there click `X Set'--and off we go to where I want.  Excellent.

But if I use the `Settings Panel', there the first (left) item `Look', there the first (top) item `Wallpaper', up comes new menu `Wallpaper Settings', there choose the Picture by whichever possible way, click `> Advanced', there select `This screen', then `Apply' or `OK'--all my (ahem) `Virtual Desktops' get the same tiled background.

Thanks for your time, can close this bug unless somebody wants to do some information presentation regarding the different terms `Virtual Desktop', `Screen' and their respective addressing via the Settings Panel of e17.

Brgds, ED.
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