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Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2018 19:41:48 -0700
Source: efl
Binary: libeina1a libeina-bin libeina-dev libeet-dev libeet1 libeet-bin libelocation1 libephysics1 libevas1 libevas-bin libevas-dev libevas1-engines-x libevas1-engines-fb libevas1-engines-drm libevas1-engines-wayland libecore1 libecore-audio1 libecore-avahi1 libecore-con1 libecore-drm2-1 libecore-evas1 libecore-fb1 libecore-file1 libecore-imf1 libecore-input1 libecore-ipc1 libecore-wl2-1 libecore-x1 libecore-bin libecore-dev libector1 libefl-all-dev libefreet1a libefreet-bin libefreet-dev libembryo-dev libembryo1 libembryo-bin libedje-bin libedje1 libedje-dev libeio1 libeio-dev libeeze1 libeeze-bin libeeze-dev libelua1 libelua-bin libemile1 libemotion1 libemotion-dev libethumb1 libethumb-client1 libethumb-client-bin libethumb-dev libeolian1 libelput1 efl-doc libelementary1 libelementary-bin libelementary-data libelementary-dev libevas-loaders libemotion-players
Architecture: source
Version: 1.20.7-6
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Pkg-e Team <pkg-e-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Ross Vandegrift <ross at kallisti.us>
Closes: 901037 901624
 efl-doc    - Documentation for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
 libecore1  - Core abstraction layer for enlightenment DR 0.17
 libecore-audio1 - Ecore functions for audio playback and recording
 libecore-avahi1 - Ecore functions for dealing with Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD
 libecore-bin - Core abstraction layer for enlightenment DR 0.17 binary utilities
 libecore-con1 - Ecore Connection Library
 libecore-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libecore-drm2-1 - Ecore functions for dealing with DRM2
 libecore-evas1 - Ecore Evas Wrapper Library
 libecore-fb1 - Ecore frame buffer system functions
 libecore-file1 - Ecore File Library
 libecore-imf1 - Ecore Input Method Framework module
 libecore-input1 - Ecore input module
 libecore-ipc1 - Ecore inter-process communication functions
 libecore-wl2-1 - Ecore functions for dealing with Wayland
 libecore-x1 - Ecore functions for dealing with the X Window System
 libector1  - Library that provides vector graphics capabilities for EFL
 libedje1   - Graphical layout and animation library
 libedje-bin - Various binaries for use with libedje
 libedje-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libeet1    - Enlightenment DR17 file chunk reading/writing library
 libeet-bin - Enlightenment DR17 file chunk reading/writing utility
 libeet-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libeeze1   - Library for manipulating devices through udev
 libeeze-bin - Library for manipulating devices through udev binary utilities
 libeeze-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libefl-all-dev - Enlightenment Foundation Libraries development files
 libefreet1a - Library that implements freedesktop.org specs for use with E17/EF
 libefreet-bin - D-Bus activated helper binary to create efreet data caches
 libefreet-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libeina1a  - Enlightenment Foundation Library providing optimized data types
 libeina-bin - Enlightenment Foundation Library providing optimized data types e
 libeina-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libeio1    - Library providing non-blocking I/O using threads
 libeio-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libelementary1 - EFL-based widget set library
 libelementary-bin - EFL-based widget set library - helper programs
 libelementary-data - runtime data-files for libelementary
 libelementary-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libelocation1 - Library providing geo information management in EFL
 libelput1  - EFL abstraction library for libinput
 libelua1   - Lua wrapper and convenience layer for EFL shared objects
 libelua-bin - Lua wrapper and convenience layer for EFL
 libembryo1 - SMALL-based abstract machine (AMX) bytecode interpreter
 libembryo-bin - SMALL compiler creating Embryo bytecode
 libembryo-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libemile1  - Compression and encryption utilities and abstractions
 libemotion1 - Media object creation/manipulation library
 libemotion-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libemotion-players - Additional file format loaders for libemotion
 libeolian1 - EO object parser and C code generator - runtime library
 libephysics1 - Library providing physics functions to Evas and Edje
 libethumb1 - Library to create thumbnails for images and documents
 libethumb-client1 - Library to create thumbnails using a D-Bus-actived server
 libethumb-client-bin - D-Bus activated helper binary to create thumbnails with libethumb
 libethumb-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libevas1-engines-drm - Evas module providing the DRM engine
 libevas1-engines-fb - Evas module providing the Framebuffer engine
 libevas1-engines-wayland - Evas module providing the Wayland engine
 libevas1-engines-x - Evas module providing the X11 engines
 libevas1   - Enlightenment DR17 advanced canvas library
 libevas-bin - Enlightenment DR17 advanced canvas library binary tools
 libevas-dev - transitional EFL development package
 libevas-loaders - Additional file format loaders for libevas
 efl (1.20.7-6) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Andreas Metzler ]
   * Remove Nicolas Braud-Santoni from uploaders list. (Thank you!)
     Closes: #901037
   [ Ross Vandegrift ]
   * d/patches/20_disable_doxygen_timestamps.diff: disable timestamps to
     improve reproducibility of efl-doc.
   * d/control: add libevas1-engines-drm to libeina1a Breaks to ensure it
     is upgraded in lock-step with other EFL components.
   * Try to avoid circular dependency by demoting libevas1 Depends on
     libevas1-engines-x to Recommends. (Closes: #901624)
   * Add the other engines to libevas1 Recommends to improve upon the
     solution for #900594.
 f4d5b711aed12e0ef69353591116f21ea0d3b43c 6997 efl_1.20.7-6.dsc
 b47a92adec57ef1940d1e4dc95e9afe483ebc6b5 87184 efl_1.20.7-6.debian.tar.xz
 117c7175db2b8e5388bab8d813fb9eb0010bdbe841a27035bebdab3c080cf2ae 6997 efl_1.20.7-6.dsc
 c05b25ad93942aad737b4a1fbccddbdca1dcc36710a94a836fc8b144c3bed442 87184 efl_1.20.7-6.debian.tar.xz
 acf68ace5c076ff7cf28b2332ceb5acd 6997 libs optional efl_1.20.7-6.dsc
 0366ac5ff02f64baaa51720566a469fa 87184 libs optional efl_1.20.7-6.debian.tar.xz



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