Bug#927835: enlightenment: icon theme efreet cache is not updated on startup

Ross Vandegrift rvandegrift at debian.org
Wed May 22 02:16:10 BST 2019

Control: tags -1 - unreproducible
Control: tags -1 forwarded https://phab.enlightenment.org/T7978

On Tue, May 21, 2019 at 09:11:01PM +0300, sergio wrote:
> Yes. In fact I have the following scheme:

I've configured a user similar to your scheme, and I can confirm that the
Adwaita icon is not loaded when I log in.  In ~etmp/.xsession:

  rm -rf ~/.cache /tmp/etmp_cache
  ln -s /tmp/etmp_cache ~/.cache
  mkdir $(readlink ~/.cache)

> But really all this doesn't matter as I've just reproduced this issue on
> the new user profile, with empty e setting and no cache logic.
> 1. Just after the first logging in and answering configuration questions
>    I see Pavucontrol icon in the application menu.
> 2. I press logout, switch to console (Alt-Ctrl-F1) and wait for the die
>    of efreed.
> 3. In the .cache I see only efreed folder. I drop the whole folder or
>    only icons_Adwaita_$HOST.eet, it doesn't matter.
> 4. Logging in again into e. The .cache/efreed folder is recreated,
>    icons_Adwaita_$HOST.eet is present, but there are no icon for
>    Pavucontrol in the application menu

Interesting- I'm not able to reproduce a missing pavucontrol icon.  It gets the
wrong icon, but it does get an icon.

> > Is your /tmp on a different filesystem (i.e., tmpfs)?
> Yes, my /tmp in on a tmpfs.

My /tmp is not, so I think this is ruled out as irrelevant.


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