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Sun Sep 22 06:01:26 BST 2019

I know, you may wondering what is with this message, so let me explain. I know you use to watch adult content on your phone... quite often I could say... and what you don't know is the fact that I got you recorded while you satysfing yourself haha. So how I did this? Well, it's my job. Next time use some Java Script blockers to block viruses. My virus can record with your camera(I can disable LED notification as well), extract contacts list, social media contacts and... many other features.
So I will be clear, you have to pay me 400$ in Bitcoins, if not... well... all your contacts that I extracted from your phone will receive the video with you. We all do it but you just got caught in action haha, BTW you have good taste on women.
If you don't know how to use Bitcoin, you can use Google or look on YouTube for 'how to use Bitcoin'. A good place to buy, just search on Google for 'Paxful'.
Amount: 400$ = 0.04 BTC(approximately).
My Bitcoin Address: 1-A-S-K-X-5-D-z-8-q-u-S-8-1-1-C-D-i-2-v-Z-t-f-R-J-7-V-5-X-7-T-R-W-3

1) My address is CaSe SeNsItIvE.
2) I want you to copy my address somewhere safe on your computer, using Copy and Paste.
3) Remove manually all the lines from my address, but be careful to not delete any other character, remove only the lines between each character and the result after removing all the lines is actually my Bitcoin Address. Save that and use when you send me the coins.
In order to remove my virus from your phone is to reset to factory settings, just Google 'how to reset to factory settings' and your phone model.
Nothing personal... just business. You have 2 days to send me the coins, I will know when you will read this message so don't try to play with me.
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