Bug#958455: From a minimum installation of Sid, metapackage enlightenment installs neither X nor a login manager. Debian Sid, 15 april 2020

Daniel Tourde daniel.tourde at foi.se
Wed Apr 22 10:18:24 BST 2020

Package: enlightenment
Version: 0.23.1-5

Hello! I have installed Debian Sid using a minimum installation. Then I decided to install Enlightenment as a desktop environment by using 'apt install enlightenment'. Then I rebooted the machine.
I was expecting to be welcomed by a login manager but it did not happen 'automagically', so to say. I checked and noticed that neither X nor a login manager were installed (as it happens with Gnome, KDE, XFCE (I checked... ;) )). Can this be fixed?
I know that 'entrance' is not considered stable/mature at the moment but I guess an another login manager could be installed anyway, one that does not require way too many dependencies.

Kind regards, Daniel

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