[e-users] E 0.23.1-5 (deb) systemd upgrade

Marc MERLIN marc_e17 at merlins.org
Mon Apr 27 20:48:15 BST 2020

On Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 07:45:26PM +0930, Simon Lees wrote:
> > ok, I missed that.
> > So systray in E 23 is broke and won't get fixed, but it'll work in 0.24.
> Yes a large number of bugs were fixed here resiliently
Good to hear.

> nm-applet works if it is built with support for appindicator, I have
> been using it with systray on enlightenment for years "meson  build
> -Dwith-appindicator=yes" If you have that working you shouldn't need
> wicd, for bluetooth i'd try e's inbuilt module I know others use it fine.
Is it built as such on debian, or did you have to build your own?
(and yes, I know I don't need both nm-applet and wicd, but I'm migrating
from one back to the other, and have >100 saved wifi passwords in wicd,
so I'll need both for a little while)

> Currently I have systray icons working for Barrier (Synergy
> Replacement), Discord, Microsoft Teams, Rocket Chat, Variety and
> nm-applet. I also have hexchat but only because I just added support and
> didn't upstream it yet. I know Pigeon and Steam also work as do most KDE
> apps that would logically have a tray icon.

I see, so that answers my other question somewhat.
This systray thing is kind of confusing to the average user that doesn't
know the internal (reminds me of cut and paste between apps back 25
years ago).
It would almost make sense to have some wiki that keeps track of which
apps are working/broken/need patching/special build options to work with
E vs KDE vs Gnome

In the meantime, sounds like E24 will actually run most, if not all the
applets I'll need.

Probably my best bet is to run stalonetray a but longer until an updated
deb package for E comes out (assuming E nm-applet already has the right
build options)

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