Bug#976235: enlightenment: e switches off screen|monitor

Ross Vandegrift rvandegrift at debian.org
Tue Dec 1 23:48:40 GMT 2020

On Tue, Dec 01, 2020 at 11:49:54PM +0100, enno wrote:
> Upgraded e, after that e on start complained in a window that I had no screen
> configured to display on--but my 4 screens from prior .e were present.  But
> the complaint persisted, so finally I tried the suggested Settings->Screens--
> but that doesn't exist.  However I remembered there was some Screen config
> somewhere, found that, didn't find anything to configure.  Complaint about
> unconfigured persisted.  So again into the configure-dialog, there is a lot of
> options without explanation or tooltip, f.i. one checkbox choice with
> 0 90 180 270 as choices.  Checked 90 and haven't seen e again since that.

Sounds like you found the right dialog - it is terse.  The options
correspond to xrandr config for your displays.  Quick explanation:

- The drop down in the upper left selects which output to configure.
- The middle pane lists supported modes.
- The upper right (0,90,180,270) sets screen rotation.
- Below that, the On checkbox enables/disables the screen.
- Below that are priority and layout controls.

> Calling enlightenment_start since then just switches off the monitor (on a
> laptop) and .xsession-errors contains some lines that google doesn't come up
> with any solution:

When you checked 90, you enabled 90 degree rotation for one screen.
>From the error, it looks like X or your video driver doesn't like that:

This should clear out all of your screen config, hopefully allowing you
to start E again:
 rm ~/.e/e/config/standard/e_randr*.cfg


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