Bug#976235: enlightenment: e switches off screen|monitor

enno enno.vet at gmx.net
Fri Dec 18 23:32:47 GMT 2020

>>>>> "Ross" == Ross Vandegrift <rvandegrift at debian.org> writes:
    > [...]
    > Oh sorry, I misunderstood your first message - apologies!  Is
    > there any chance that you only see this behavior after a
    > suspend/resume cycle?
    > If I suspend by closing my lid on bullseye, I get a cycle of
    > suspend & unsuspend that takes ~20-30 seconds each time.  I
    > haven't really tried to track down a cause since I normally
    > suspend using the menu anyhow.  That's the only remote similar
    > issue I've ever seen.

First thanks for hangin on.  And no, it's definitely not in a suspend/resume cycle--i cold boot into the system, and the problem is there.  Still not understood, especially the strange flicker between screen on and off.  But as I'm not a LCD technician I haven't a clue, if this is just backlight off or whatever effect it may be.  But as stated before, the LCD display is black, but all standard 7 VTs are there and listening to my entries via keyboard--well confirmed I have so far VT1 to VT3, but I don't suppose it could be different on VT4 to 6.  Presumably VT7 is working too, but that is a wee bit difficult to test without seeing the mouse pointer.

In the past I had some difficulties with a certain release of i can't really remember, i think it was aptitude back then, which after some package updates stopped working properly.  Some people from the debian response team said they were surprised that my system was working at all, because of some very old packages combined with a lot of the testing suite.  They suggested to upgrade the whole system.  After that, aptitude worked.  And yes, this might be some sort of solution in this case as well.  But I still doubt that this Windows kind of solution is the ultimate debian way: Reinstall.

Unfortunately the e documentation is extremely terse.  And again unfortunately, the logs in .xsession-errors and other Xorg logs are not very distinct regarding possible reasons of the problem, everytime it stops at a different line.  Well long story short term, I had hoped You might be able to isolate something from these logs with more insight than my humble self.

Brgds, e.

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