Bug#976235: enlightenment: e switches off screen|monitor

enno enno.vet at gmx.net
Tue Dec 22 01:05:19 GMT 2020

>>>>> "Ross" == Ross Vandegrift <rvandegrift at debian.org> writes:
    > Do your backlight keys work?  E24 has introduced additional
    > screen dimming, and it will dim the backlight fully.  Maybe
    > there's a strange interaction between your video card's
    > brightness control and E's behavior.
    > It's possible to disable this, but it'll be hard without ever
    > getting an E session going.  To try disabling by hand:
    > 1) apt install libeet-bin
    > 2) vieet ~/.e/e/config/standard/e_comp.cfg config
    > 3) Search for "nofade"
    > 4) Change the value from 0 to 1.  The line should be:
    >     value "nofade" uchar: 1;

Done that.  Makes no difference at all--at least none that I can detect.  Still enlightenment_start brings up enlightenment for a second or so, then the screen goes black--and is black on all VTs BUT after switching to one of VT1 to VT6, and typing blindly--after about 2 minutes the console lights up and is back to normal.

As soon as I switch to VT7, there's about half a second of seeing e, then the screen goes black--and again all VTs follow being black.

BTW what do you mean by backlight keys?

Anyway I don't think that there's any `strange interaction', because before I switched that #! switch to 90 everything was alright--apart from e-dialogs complaining about unconfigured screens (or so, can't really remember the wording).  Thus it's certainly not a problem between e and my hardware.

I suppose I'll try to try the Phabricator, it seems to be somewhat difficult to enter there...

C ya, e.

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