Bug#963881: libecore-input1: circular dependency hell

Ross Vandegrift rvandegrift at debian.org
Mon Jun 29 06:15:34 BST 2020

Hi Bill,

On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 04:41:03PM +0200, Bill Allombert wrote:
> There is a circular dependency between libecore-input1, libecore-x1,
> libevas1 and libevas1-engines-x:
> libecore-input1 	:Depends: libevas1 (>= 1.23.3-0~eo)
> libecore-x1 	        :Depends: libecore-input1 (>= 1.23.3-0~eo)
> libevas1 	        :Depends: libevas1-engines-x
> libevas1-engines-x 	:Depends: libecore-x1 (>= 1.23.3-0~eo), libevas1 (>= 1.23.3-0~eo)

So far, my attempts to avoid this have all caused failures to install the X11
engine when installing some EFL apps.  Did you run into some trouble, or just
find the cycle?  Since its the best of a bad lot, I'd like to leave it for now.
But if you ran into an upgrade or build failure, that might not make sense.

Long term, the EFL libs will be bundled into one binary package.  Upstream is
working on linking everything into one lib.  I'd really like to ship that
solution as the bundled version.  If that doesn't work out, I plan to merge all
of the debian packages.  But either way, I'd like to wait for upstream so I
only do one major rework.


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