my subject

Mon Sep 14 10:06:06 BST 2020

Good Day

I'm sorry to invade your privacy in this way. I received your contact information during my search for a trustworthy partner and I found it pleasant to offer you my business partnership. I would appreciate it if you contact me by confirming that this medium is secure and confidential enough for me to provide details of why I contacted you. I want you to receive money on my behalf. I'm CAPT.CRIS STEVEN KEPLEY, an officer in the US Army. I am currently serving in the military with the 82nd Airborne Division Peacekeeping Force in Baghdad, Iraq. We were moved to Afghanistan when the last batch was just left. I need your help to assist me with storing two military trunks.
You will be nicely rewarded if you could help me secure the money until I finish my service here. If you can be trusted I will explain in detail when I get a response from you. If you are interested, please reply to my email.

Thank you for your expected cooperation. I expect to hear from you

God bless America.

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