Bug#993530: ddcutil version bump

Ross Vandegrift rvandegrift at debian.org
Thu Sep 2 18:08:22 BST 2021

Package: enlightenment
Version: 0.24.2-8

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And, I neglected to mention, update Recommends: libddcutil3 to Recommends:

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Subject: 	ddcutil version bump
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The latest ddcutil release (1.1.0) that's about to go into sid increments the
shared library to libddcutil.so.4.  I've reviewed the code in file
e_system_ddc.c.  There are no changes that affect your use of the API.  All
you need to do is check for libddcutil.so.4 before libddcutil.so.3 and

Sanford Rockowitz
ddcutil developer

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