E 0.23.5 -> 0.25.1-1 upgrade aftermath

Marc MERLIN marc_e17 at merlins.org
Mon Jan 31 03:19:03 GMT 2022

+Ross, debian maintainer since I'm using his package

I upgaded xserver-xorg-core during my debugging but it didn't help or
make things worse. I'm using a thinkpad P73 with intel graphics.

ii  enlightenment            0.25.1-1+b1                 amd64
ii  xserver-xorg-core        2:1.20.14-1                 amd64
ii  xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.99.917+git20200714-1+b1 amd64

Now, my main problem is:
If I use composite/rendering/opengl and chvt 1, I see my text
screen for a sec, but it gets back to my sreen with xorg and E. In other
words, I cannot go back to the text console, except kinda.
When I press 'del' I clearly hear the text bell from being in VT1, 
even though VT7 is being displayed on top. Seems that both are running
at the same time.
If I go back to VT7, then I get VT7 only. At least I'm not wedged.

I turned off composite/rendering/fading off since I've had issues with
that in the past and don't need another source of issues :)

If I use composite/rendering/software, I get to the text console with
VT1 (good), but then I see 2 cursors, the square text one and the arrow
one from X, and if I move up, synergy still works and I can move the mouse
to my other computer and type there, while being in the text console.
This is spooky and kind of cool, except that once I get back to VT7, 
I only get a black screen, with the mouse cursor. I can see E still working 
because I get to the screen borders and I see the scroll.
If xscreensaver triggers, my mouse cursor is limited to the square where
I'd enter my password. But even if I restart E, I never get my screen
back. Seems that E probably breaks Xorg in some way. E 0.23 did not do

I'm not totally screwed, but I just cannot go back to the text console
and sometimes I need to. I tried to suspend/resume (which works), but
doesn't fix the text console in either of the 2 cases I just mentioned.
Looks that for now opengl rendering is less broken than software, so 
I'll use that in the meantime.

The rest wasn't very smooth, notes if they help

1) forget doing this on a running X, be prepared to restart X, rendering
broke in several ways, chrome windows started showing random garbage
I got errors about opengl rendering not working, but it worked after I 

2) biggest issue is that E started managing DPI in a submenu that's not
easy to find, and pushed the wrong DPI (75) on my 4K 17" screen. It
wasn't fun to find and fix and very vexing that it ignored/overwrote
xrandr --dpi 100
and xrdb -merge /home/merlin/.Xresources (Xft.dpi: 110)

3) I got multiple errors about missing modules and had to unload them
(wasn't able to write things down, too many other issues), I don't seem
to be missing anything.

4) window saving/restore seems to work a bit better (good), and more
importantly it doesn't reshuffle all my chrome widows every time I had
to restart it, or worse, every time I unlocked the screen from xlock
(xscreensaver). That said, whetever was broken in E's built in lock in
0.23 is probably fixed in 0.25

5) coming out of xlock still seems to maximize chrome windows I had
minimized and put in the tray. I just re-minimize them. At least, all
the other ones on my 3 virtual desktops, don't randomly move places
anymore, so that's good.

6) then I still have xkbcomp ~/xkb-keymap :0 broken (that broke in 0.24,
there is another thread on that). I need this fixed somehow, or I can't
write my own language anymore, which is a bit of a problem (and why I
reverted to 0.23 last time).

"A mouse is a device used to point at the xterm you want to type in" - A.S.R.
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