Bug#1033159: terminology: When using vim with Terminology the underline atribute gets turned on when scrolling.

Ross Vandegrift rvandegrift at debian.org
Sat Apr 8 23:53:37 BST 2023

Control: tags - 1 pending

On Sat, Mar 18, 2023 at 03:16:14PM +0000, Jon Westgate wrote:
> How to produce:
> open vim inside terminology enit a file that is larger than the
> terminal and requires scrolling (it shows best with a 2 page document
> with a reasonable coverage of text) simply scroll up of down past the
> current view point and you will note that new text has the underline
> atribute set. Scrolling back up will result in off screen text being
> rendered with underline attribute set as it comes back down into view.

I wasn't able to reproduce this, but the upstream developer knew of the issue.
It's been fixed upstream, and is waiting for the next debian upload.  Due to
the release freeze, I won't be able to upload this until after the bookworm


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