Bug#1037166: libelementary-data: versions of libelementary1 and libelementary-data don't match on ia64

Thomas Uhle thomas.uhle at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Fri Jul 7 20:38:57 BST 2023

Hello Ross,

thank you for your immediate response!  I am sorry for the delay in 
my reply.

On Wed, 7 Jun 2023, Ross Vandegrift wrote:

> Control: tags -1 wontfix
> Hi Thomas,
> On Tue, Jun 06, 2023 at 08:42:18PM +0200, Thomas Uhle wrote:
> > So libelementary1 (version 1.25.1-1) expects to have libelementary-data from
> > version 1.25.1-1 as well which is but from version 1.26.3-1 in the
> > repositories.  That is why this dependency cannot be fulfilled on i64.
> That's correct - EFL requires all of its components to be upgraded jointly. 
> And Debian likes to build arch-indep packages separately from arch-dependent.

Building the binary packages separately from one another is not an 
issue.  I think the culprit is that the arch:all packages are uploaded 
before the build of a corresponding architecture-dependent package has 
succeeded.  That is why I have started a new ticket (#1040598 [2]) to 
ask the FTP masters and maintainers for help.

> > That is why some packages currently fail to build on Debian's ia64 build
> > servers although they would compile if libelementary1 could be installed
> > along with libefl-all-dev.  So I see two options: could you please either
> > compile src:efl on ia64 using gcc-10 as long as the newer gcc versions are
> > crashing, or could you please put back libelementary-data from version
> > 1.25.1-1 into the ia64 repository.
> I don't think either plan is workable.  Requiring gcc 10 is a temporary fix, 
> and is more drastic than I'm keen to accommodate.

I do understand that.

> And reverting libelementary-data won't work either - afaik, I'd have to do 
> a new source upload which would fail due to this bug.

Yes indeed, it would most likely.  My second option was more about asking 
to copy the old version 1.25.1-1 of libelementary-data back to the ia64 
repository because it is still there in the pool of the FTP servers 
because of oldstable (bullseye).  Yet I understand that this is nothing 
that you can do, so again I asked the FTP masters and maintainers for 

> I think this requires fixing the bugs in gcc > 10.  You might ask about this on
> debian-ia64 at lists.debian.org though the thread at [1] makes me doubt you'll get
> a fix.
> Sorry,
> Ross
> [1] - https://lists.debian.org/debian-ia64/2023/05/msg00000.html

Thank you for the hint!



[2] https://bugs.debian.org/1040598

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