Bug#1037166: libelementary-data: versions of libelementary1 and libelementary-data don't match on ia64

Thomas Uhle thomas.uhle at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Tue Jun 6 19:42:18 BST 2023

Package: libelementary-data
Version: 1.26.0-1
Severity: important
Control: affects -1 libelementary1 libefl-all-dev

Dear maintainers,

since the release of version 1.26.0-1, it is no longer possible to install 
the binary package libelementary1:ia64 from the Debian repository because 
of the following reasons:

* libelementary1:ia64 is still at version 1.25.1-1 because src:efl fails
   to build because any gcc > 10 crashes during the build on ia64, cf. [1].

* libelementary-data:all has been built on amd64 and so has always been
   updated for all Debian repositories for sid (incl. ia64), currently
   being at version 1.26.3-1.

* libelementary1:ia64 depends on libelementary-data:all with exactly the
   same source version.

So libelementary1 (version 1.25.1-1) expects to have libelementary-data 
from version 1.25.1-1 as well which is but from version 1.26.3-1 in the 
repositories.  That is why this dependency cannot be fulfilled on i64.

Any other package depending on libelementary1 cannot be installed on ia64, 
most notably libefl-all-dev.  But this package is a build-dependency for 
other packages in Debian that do not need libelementary1 but another 
library from src:efl.  dbus-cpluscplus for instance just depends on 
libecore1 and the library libeina1a that libecore1 depends on.

That is why some packages currently fail to build on Debian's ia64 build 
servers although they would compile if libelementary1 could be installed 
along with libefl-all-dev.  So I see two options: could you please either 
compile src:efl on ia64 using gcc-10 as long as the newer gcc versions 
are crashing, or could you please put back libelementary-data from version 
1.25.1-1 into the ia64 repository.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Thomas Uhle

[1] https://buildd.debian.org/status/packages.php?p=efl&a=ia64

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