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Geert Stappers stappers at debian.org
Sat Mar 9 22:08:09 GMT 2019

On Sun, Mar 03, 2019 at 02:21:29PM +0000, Kashif Shah wrote:
> Hi All,

> I'm new to helping with Debian projects but not new to Debian.  Similarly,
> I'm not an electrical engineer, but I do have some basic electronics
> knowledge and am familiar with some microcontroller platforms (Arduino,
> Beagle, Raspberry Pi).  Professionally, I am a .NET developer and I'm a
> member of IEEE for several years since my days of studying mathematics in
> college.  Had the opportunity to contribute to the student chapter on a few
> projects at a sort of technician level.


> Saying hello after spending a few hours looking at the current state of the
> arduino package.  I'm very glad to see the work being done in salsa to
> bring the arduino package up to date.  If I were to make a concrete
> contribution there, I would likely create a PR to update that repo to use
> Arduino IDE 1.8.8.  Would it be appropriate to make a first attempt at that
> and submit it here for review?
> Also, I went ahead and submitted a bug report to wnpp to mark the arduino
> package as orphaned.

Which bug report number is that?

> Hopefully that will be a good impetus for the
> electronics team to take ownership of the package maintenance, if now is a
> good time to start.
> Thank you all for your efforts to make Debian happen.
> Best regards,
> Kashif

Geert Stappers

Who granted Kashif   Arduino Salsa Developer privilege.
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