[Pkg-emacsen-addons] Bug#862604: dh-make-elpa: extending create_docs{}

Lev Lamberov dogsleg at debian.org
Sat Mar 17 18:41:19 UTC 2018


I've changed create_docs function a bit in such a way that now it
supports md, markdown, mdwn, and org documentation. The d/docs file is
filled with the exact filenames one per line if the file extension is
one of {md,markdown,mdwn,org} (case insensitive).

>> Also, if there will be package-name-based heuristics then I'm guessing
>> any potential-doc-type.files that match a hungry glob for "first"
>> could go into elpa-first.doc, anything that matches "second" and not
>> "first" would go into elpa-second.doc, and anything that doesn't match
>> either can go into something like needs-review.doc.  That last one
>> ought to produce a lintian error and force manual review.

> I think this would be overly complex and rarely correct.  I'd prefer
> just to dump everything in debian/docs, and let the user split it.

I agree, so in my solution everything is dumped to the single d/docs
file for latter splitting just in case it's needed.

Please, find the patch attached.

Lev Lamberov

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